#WhyBooth: A Partner’s Perspective

By Codie Angle  , Booth Partners Group

By Codie Angle, Booth Partners Group

The elation felt by a prospective Boothie when they open their acceptance letter is a spectacular feeling. All of the essay writing, interviews, and resume critiquing were worth it!

As a partner of a Booth student, I was able to observe the entire process and felt a similar feeling of excitement when my Boothie received his acceptance letter. Then, roughly 15 minutes later, all of the concerns hit me as well. How am I going to find a new job in Chicago? What does this mean for my established connections to our current city? How am I going to make new friends while my husband is living the best years of his life partying at every TNDC and LPF? What do those acronyms even mean?

Thankfully, all of my concerns were eased as I talked to other partners. I found a great job that perfectly fits my needs. I’ve established connections to Chicago, while still watering our roots in Dallas. Above all though, I have made friendships during our Booth adventure that are certain to last for a lifetime.

In addition to the benefit of our random walk experience, I have also found the Booth Partners’ Club to be a valuable asset in growing and maintaining a community of my own. Through a variety of different sub clubs, such as Explore Chicago, Health and Fitness, Parents of Little Ones (POLO), Wine and Dine, Martners (Male Partners), and (my personal favorite) Book and Movie Club, I have met partners from around the world. Similar to the incredible breadth of students, the partners club has something and someone for everyone.

Partners Group at the Chicago DonutFest

Partners Group at the Chicago DonutFest

As a second year partner, I chose to take a more active role in the club as a co-chair of the Book and Movie sub-club. I have thoroughly enjoyed inviting partners over for a monthly discussion involving a new book. I have also seen the countless hours that other co-chairs have dedicated to curating the perfect list of Chicago experiences. The hard work and dedication of the officers helps newly arriving Partners to have an organization where they belong.

My time in the Partners’ Club has taken me all over the city. From Donut Fest in River North and Dim Sum in Chinatown to hanging with the lions at the Lincoln Park Zoo and teetering on the edge of the Skydeck at Willis Tower. Booth Partners has the potential become your family during your time in Chicago.