The History of the Belgian Halloween Party

On Saturday October 25th Booth was out in force having a good time thanks to the school's fun-loving Belgian Business Students group, which has dominated the Booth halloween party scene for nearly 20 years. This year, over 400 Boothies and friends made the annual trek down to Hyde park to enjoy frosty-beverages, Domino’s pizza, dancing, and a plethora of costumes ranging from Smurfs, to superheroes, to a group of dancing Pandas. Followed by the hazy ride back to the loop on the yellow school buses.

Belgium and Halloween do not necessarily go hand in hand. When thinking of Belgium the first things that come to mind are beer, chocolate waffles, and smurfs. It makes one wonder how did the Belgian Business Students come to host the annual halloween party?  It turns out that the link between Belgium and Halloween is unique to Chicago Booth.

Let me tell you about a little fact lost in the annals of the group’s history . The group got started in the mid 1980’s, when Chicago Booth had an exchange programme with Belgian universities, at any given time there were 10 Belgians in the school. So it’s main aim was originally to be a support network for Belgian students.

In its formative years the Belgian Business Students group thought a good way to get their name out there would be to throw a halloween party. While the number of Belgian students has gone down with time, the Belgian halloween party has stayed strong.

Now that the school does not have as many exchange students the club has branched out and is not just for Belgian students, it’s any student with a link to Belgium, has a thirst for putting on the biggest party of the year, and who likes Belgian culture and Belgian beer.

Reid Tileston is a second year at Chicago Booth