Booth Follies: A Show of Talent, but not a Talent Show

By Jason Arican ‘15

During the Admit Weekend event at Derby, I was asked by an admitted student to describe Follies. I took a dramatic sip from my drink and readied a grand sales pitch about how Follies is a majestic celebration of our collective experience and one of, if not the largest Booth events outside of graduation and orientation.

As I took a deep breath, a current student to my right proudly and innocently proclaimed, "it's like a big talent show!" This was also the exact moment at which my heart broke into a thousand tiny pieces.

So to be clear, Follies is not a talent show. To best describe what to expect this Friday night, I have taken the totally sane step of hosting a Q&A with myself.

Q: Hello, sir- you look dapper.

A: Why thank you.

Q: So, can you actually explain Follies once and for all?

A: Certainly! At its core, Follies is a sketch comedy show. There will be live acting, dancing, and singing, as well as pre-recorded digital shorts.

Q: Singing and dancing? But I thought you said this wasn't a talent show.

A: Well, it would be a disservice to not showcase the amazing abilities of our students. But in order to stay true to the format, any singing and dancing will be weaved into comedic sketches. And if you say talent show again, I will end you.

Q: You can't do that! I'm you!

A: Fair point. Next question.

Q: What went into the making of this talent- er, sketch show?

A: Quality has been an important focus for us this year. Our creative team pushed to go beyond the obvious joke (making fun of Kellogg is just so passé) and our production team has worked furiously to bring these ideas to life through kick-ass videos, cool set designs, and goofy props. All said, nearly 120 students will have contributed to Follies in some form. Lastly, Follies will have doctors on hand for any suturing, should you literally laugh your butt off.

Q: How did you come up with the title "#BoothSelfies”?

A: Great question, Jason! When you think about it, business school is really just a fantastic social experiment disguised as higher education. We felt like the idea of the show being a collection of selfies was perfect because each sketch is essentially like a snapshot in time that captures another random moment from this experience. Plus, B-school students are super vein. So it works in that regard as well.

Q: Can I bring "the party" to Mandel Hall?

A: Since I know you, I know exactly what type of party you are talking about. Mandel Hall has a no alcohol policy, so students should not bring frosty beverages in visible containers. That said, I know those light blue Chicago Booth coffee tumblers fit approximately two and a half glasses of wine-flavored coffee, so if people want to bring wine-flavored coffee to the show that is totally okay! Flasks filled with Fireball-flavored 5-hour ENERGY drinks would also be fine. Pro-tip: Follies is co-sponsoring the LPF with OUTreach so I highly recommend starting your evening there.