Professorial Wisdom

Booth professors may vary in their teaching styles but what they have in common is a way with words. Here are some noteworthy quips heard in the classroom.

Erik Hurst

On the heavyweight battle of Kevin Murphy versus Thomas Piketty: "It's going to be fun. It will be like watching a lion and a lamb"

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Some quick thoughts on the Nobel Prize in Economics announced this morning.

1. It wasn’t me

2. It wasn’t a growth economist like I predicted."

“When I want to buy shoes they won’t take my Star Wars figurines. I have a few.”

“I’m certainly not risky. Tenured job -- I’m not going to be fired, they can’t even cut my salary.”

Austan Goolsbee

“We can waive at a magic beanstalk and the beans will grow.”

“I’m assuming that distracted people are probably friends with distracted people.”

“Spying on your ex-girlfriend is called a search activity.”