Five Chicago Booth Students Named Siebel Scholars

Booth scholars join elite group of students at the world’s leading graduate schools

By Harmesh Bhambra ‘16

Harmesh Bhambra '16

Harmesh Bhambra '16

Five second-year MBA students at Booth have been named 2016 Siebel Scholars as part of an international scholarship program that recognizes exceptional students at leading graduate schools of business, computer science, and bioengineering. The Booth MBA student winners are Max Cohen, Yevgeniya Zhenya Kaliberova, Bradley Powell, Alon Shiran and Boone Williams. Each student will receive a $35,000 award for their final year of studies.

Siebel Scholars are nominated by the deans of their respective schools on the basis of outstanding achievement and demonstrated leadership. On average, Siebel Scholars rank in the top five percent of their class, many within the top one percent. A total of 90 Siebel Scholars around the world were selected this year based on academic excellence, leadership and ability to play a significant role in addressing global challenges.

Deputy Dean Stacey Kole with Siebel Scholars (left to right) Alon Shiran, Bradley Powell, Max Cohen, Boone Williams, and Yevgeniya Zhenya Kaliberova.

Deputy Dean Stacey Kole with Siebel Scholars (left to right) Alon Shiran, Bradley Powell, Max Cohen, Boone Williams, and Yevgeniya Zhenya Kaliberova.

On what being a Siebel Scholar means to Max Cohen ‘16, “On a personal level, it’s a recognition of the time and effort I have put into my studies and being a leader at Chicago Booth.”

“The Siebel Scholarship is unique from other scholarships at Booth because it focuses on building a community of scholars from different disciplines across schools,” says Zhenya Kaliberova ‘16. “As a Siebel Scholar, through the conferences and wider community, I am empowered to dig into unfamiliar topics, be it fashion or cyber security, and I am really excited to continue broadening my mind as well as get to meet the other scholars from around the world.”

“Chicago Booth is pleased to recognize this year’s five Siebel Scholars,” said Deputy Dean Stacey Kole. “As with each Siebel Scholars class, this group of talented students demonstrates the academic excellence, leadership ability and collaborative spirit necessary to affect positive change in the world. We are proud to send this group to join the 2016 cohort of Siebel Scholars that hail from many disciplines and institutions, as well as a robust alumni community of scholars, and expect that by leveraging this community our students will contribute to shaping a brighter future for us all.”

The Siebel Scholarship hosts many events throughout the year including the set-piece annual conference, with next year’s conference focusing on cybersecurity. Alon Shiran ‘16 is looking forward to the “Scholars dinners. Besides the great great food, since Siebel Scholars come from business, engineering and computer science backgrounds, the regional dinners are great opportunities to meet a variety of fascinating and successful people.” Boone Williams ‘16 further adds, “It’s a great opportunity to network with people who are working on interesting, challenging problems that I might not have otherwise had the chance to meet.”

Harmesh is News Editor for Chicago Business