Reflections from Boothies on End of Quarter Wrap up

Autumn quarter is wrapping up and many Booth students are reflecting on the whirlwind of classes, recruiting, and all the social frolics quintessential to the Booth experience. ChiBus caught up with a couple Boothies to find out what’s on the top of their mind as the quarter winds down.

ChiBus Q: What are your Winter Break plans

Samantha Set (17’):Ski trip, Christmas with family in New Hampshire and Chicago for New Years Dan Patton (18’):I have a number of trips lined up for the break. The Saturday after finals I'm heading off to DC to catch up with some childhood friends. From there, I will head to NYC for my bday weekend, where I plan to catch up with close friends from my time living in the city. The next week I head to Wolf Creek in Colorado for a ski trip before bringing in the new year in Miami Beach!

John Frame(17’):  I plan to have Xmas with my mom in Georgia and spend New Year’s Eve with my best friends in New York City, one of which just got engaged!

ChiBus Q: What are you most looking forward to about the break?

Set: Most looking forward to catching up with family and friends at home

ChiBus Q: What was the most memorable aspect of the Winter Quarter?

Set: The most memorable part of the quarter was consumer behavior, which was one of my favorite classes at Booth both because Professor Bartels is fantastic and my excitement over the course content affirms that marketing/ brand management is the right career path for me.

Frame: My fondest memory of this quarter is planning and executing with the help of the other  Affinity Admissions Fellows, a successful Diversity Day for prospective students. I made a commitment last Spring to give back by helping to attract more diverse populations to Booth and this was a realization of that commitment.

Paton: The most memorable part of the quarter was definitely a recent trip to Mexico City I took with a bunch of Booth classmates. While there, we did the mannequin challenge atop the ancient Teotithuacan pyramid. #whybooth.