School’s Out for the Summertime

Summer is finally here and many of the first year Boothies will be heading off to interesting internships around the world and in varied industries. ChiBus caught up with a couple of 1st years to get insight into their summer adventures and find out what’s eating your classmates.

ChiBus: Where are you headed this summer and what will you be doing?

Pratik Desai: I will be heading to the NYC area to work for Verizon as a Product Marketing intern.

Ziad Abouchadi: I will be interning at T. Rowe Price in their London office. I will be evaluating equity investments in emerging markets.

John Frame: I will be working in human resources at Reformation, a sustainable, environmentally conscious retail company in Los Angeles

ChiBus: What are you most excited about experiencing or learning this summer?

Pratik Desai: I'm excited about three things. First, I have the opportunity to learn more about the field of marketing outside of the classroom. Second, I'm excited to try out living in the NYC area for the first time. Third, as the only Boothie in my intern class, I'm excited to get to know some people outside of Booth. It's going to be an amazing summer!

Ziad Abouchadi: As a career switcher, I am excited about having the chance to work with and learn from top-notch managers.

John Frame: I am excited to understand how Human Resources is incorporated into a company's overall strategy.

ChiBus: What are you anxious about during the summer?

Pratik Desai: I don't have an anxiety. I'm eager to get my feet wet and have an amazing experience!

Ziad Abouchadi: I hear that the summer internships can be quite draining. I will try my best to manage my time well so that I have a chance to explore the city.

John Frame: I am not certain exactly what my project will entail. I'm eager to find out before I start on the first day

ChiBus: How do you feel about becoming a second year now?

Pratik Desai: I'd like to echo something my friend John Edwards told me at the MIT Sloan Conference this year when he said, "this time in our lives is quite fleeting. I just want to enjoy it as much as I can.”

Ziad Abouchadi: It doesn't feel real yet. I guess I need to see the new faces to realize that one year has already passed.

John Frame: I am honestly happy that ear one is over. It's been tough, but incredibly eye-opening. I am excited to take advantage of the leadership opportunities and all of the wisdom that comes with being a second year!

As 1st years gear up for their exciting summers, the Booth community says goodbye to the amazing 2nd years, who helped make the often overwhelming transition into business school enjoyable and way more manageable. Here at ChiBus, the editorial team wishes you good luck and grace in all your future endeavors.