Seedcon 2019 Features Venture Capitalists, Entrepreneurs and Boothies discussing the Future of Everything

Author Nikhita Giridhar ‘19

Author Nikhita Giridhar ‘19

This year’s Seedcon, held last Friday at 1871, hosted visionaries from the fields of mobility, blockchain, augmented and virtual reality and consumer technology to engage in discussing the future of everyday technology. New business opportunities present themselves to current and future entrepreneurs and investors – that was the message of the hour.

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Panelists Derek Dyer (c5mi), Matt Lam (Bloq) and Iday Shanawaz (IBM Digital Strategy), moderated by Ezra Galston (Startling Line), discussed the impact of blockchain beyond the famous (or infamous) rise of cryptocurrency. Its impact on banking, retail and a fundamental shift in how companies and investors of the future will think of transparency, traceability and perhaps still, currency, was hotly debated in view of the developing technology.

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Transport: Kristen Alexander (Maven) , Joe Renz (Renz Ventures), and Augustin Wegscheider (BCG Mobility) led by moderator Gerod Carfantan (Sente Foundry), discussed the realm of shared economies solving the conundrum of bursting urban infrastructure, marginal utilities of various modes of transport and the inevitability of autonomous vehicles influencing how we think of dollars per mile travelled.

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AR/VR: Leading an impressively young panel with Kirin Sinha (Illumix), Sami Ramly (Outpost Capital) , Han Jin (Lucid) was Aaqib Usman (Midwest Immersive), pushing the frontiers of consumer reality across gaming and retail and human vision intelligence in cameras and robotics.

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Eric Feng (KPCB) and Antonio Gracias (Valor Equity), moderated by Professor Steve Kaplan and Professor Michael Alter, set the stage for discussions of cognitive bias, compound decision-making, and the value of creating products that are ‘worthy of remark’. Timing was key advise in their fireside chats - stressing on ‘too early’ being a real thing - referencing cleantech and AR/VR and the challenges with commercializing finite user bases.

The Team: Second-years Jiali Yu and Mayuri Baheti (co-chairs of the Entrepreneurship and n Venture Capital Group) , pulled some serious muscle to ensure the event was an entrepreneurial highlight. Along with the team at Polsky - Cerise Miller, Erica Mercer and Nora Mansfield, the organizers delivered a power-packed conference with 200+ participants attending the event held at 1871. A strong group of volunteers joined forces to keep the day-of operations running smoothly, contributing to the success of what was truly an incredible conversation on the future of everything.

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Picture Credit: Mary Wang, Class of 2020