Making the most of the Booth Experience

Time is equal. We all have only 24 hours a day. In business school, time allocation is extremely challenging, since there is always so much going on. Maximizing my time has been my primary purpose since I joined Booth. Looking back on my two years, I truly believe that I was holistic in year 1 and I have been focused in year 2.

14th Annual CREDIT Conference Reviews Lessons of the Past to Guide a Path for the Future

This past Friday, March 8th, Booth’s CREDIT Group hosted the 14th Annual Credit, Restructuring, Distressed Investing & Turnaround Conference at the University Club of Chicago, with almost 200 attendees. This year’s speakers and panel members largely focused on applying lessons learned from historical empirics in order to assess where we are in the current credit cycle and to highlight risks that investors should be mindful of going forward.

By the Fireplace: Booth Stories

What if I told you of a place you could hear incredible stories from people from all over the world, from all walks of life. You could hear about their greatest triumphs, and their deepest losses. Their innermost dreams and their hidden insecurities. Would you go?