Booth’s Unsung Heroes: Dennis Hannum, Danny Simmons & Mario Perez - Booth Service Crew

By Kristin Cho ‘15


The beginning of school year over run by corporate conversation, LnL, ExploreMore and countless recruiting events is always hectic and stressful for Boothies. But there are three heroes, who survived decades of this craziness.. The Booth Service Crew - Dennis Hannum, Danny Simmons and Mario Perez - set up the tables and chairs for all our events to get us the banking/consulting jobs we so desire.


Chicago Business [CB]: How did you end up here at Booth and how long have you been working here?


Dennis Hannum [DH]: In 2008, I started working at the UofC’s old research building for three years and got transferred over to the Harper Center and met these guys.

Danny Simmons [DS]: I started about the same time as Dennis.

Mario Perez [MP]: I’ve been with Booth 25 years. I started this job in the old Booth building located across from the John Hancock building that many of you may not know about. When Gleacher opened, I got transferred over to the Harper Center.


[CB]: What does your typical day look like?


[DH]: We always get the daily event schedule a couple days prior and basically coordinate our tasks according to the schedule but there are always urgent requests. Especially, during recruiting season, we try to be as efficient as possible because we know there are going to be ad-hoc requests.


[CB]: What has been the most challenging experience working here?


[DH]: My experience at Booth has been great. We are working with a great boss, Kari McDonough, and the three of us have been getting along very well. I would say one thing I have missed out on several occasions would be family events on Father’s day and Mother’s day. When there is an event happening on those special days, we have to come out to help. We fully understand that it is our responsibility and are happy to help but sometimes it is hard to walk away from family on those days.

[DS]: Yes, I agree with Dennis. For me, the admit weekend has always been a little challenging because the setting changes frequently and we always have been on our standby and get ready for the next set-up.


[CB]: When do you feel most rewarded for your position at Booth?


[DH]: Last year, we were nominated for the Teamwork award at Booth and got down to the four finalists. Although we did not win the award at the end, I was very happy with the outcome and it was definitely the highlight of my time here at Booth.

[MP]: I feel most rewarding when students recognize our hard work. Just hearing thank you from student makes my day!


[CB]: How do you feel about your work being “behind the scene?”


Service Crew: We are fine with working behind the scene. Everyone has different position in his or her career, and as long as people work hard do the best in the position, it will be recognized. So we work hard and do our best in what we do.


[CB]: What would you like to ask of Boothies?


Service Crew: Please do not text while you are walking around. I know everyone is very busy here at Booth but sometimes students don’t see us rolling racks of chairs and tables and walk towards us. We don’t want anybody to get injured!