Unsung Hero - Shavon Bacon, Crosswalk Guard

By Pushya Jataprolu ‘16

Everybody notices that happy smile from the lady who stands in that chilling cold every morning, near the 59th St. Metra Station, saying ‘Good Morning’ to many of us. We know that a lot of us feel safer in her presence and warmed by her greeting, so ChiBus decided to interview her for this edition of the Unsung Heroes, because she really is one!

Going up to her and talking makes you realize she does not stop keeping watch even for a moment, while you talk. Nevertheless, she is as cheerful as her morning greeting itself!

Chicago Business [CB]: Shavon, tell us a little bit about your job.

Shavon Bacon [SB]: My job is to keep you people safe. I am here during my duty time to make sure you are able to go to and from the station without interruptions.It is an important job – I am proud of it. Gives me a sense of fulfillment. Some other colleagues of mine do this too, you must’ve seen them, along your way to school. I can tell you we are all proud of the work we do

[CB]: It gets really cold out here, how do you deal with being out like this for hours on end?

[SB]: It does get cold, but I make sure to keep myself warm. You can see the thick jackets and layers. If I needed someone to substitute me for a break, I can call for a team member. If there’s a delay, I also have my car parked with a good vision of the street I have to watch, so I can step in and warm myself up while keeping a keen watch.

[CB]: A lot of us notice that you like saying Good Morning to as many people as you can. There must be an interesting reason behind that!

[SB]: Nothing big. I just like to believe that since I see all of you everyday, there is no reason not to be polite and cordial. I enjoy my job, and if I can bring smiles on faces each day, that makes me smile and be happier too.

 [CB] How long do you think you would be posted here and continue to greet us every day?

[SB]: Nothing can be said. The schedule changes every now and then. You’ll see me again if I am still posted here. (smiles)

 [CB] Is there any advice you would like to give us regarding safety on campus?

[SB]: Not just on campus, but everywhere, any time of the day and any neighborhood you live or walk in, I suggest that everyone be vigilant of surroundings. Try to keep your valuables away and just generally be aware of who or what is around you, so you are not blindsided by anyone.