Humans of Booth

Compiled by Ritika Bipin Singh '17

Hao Ning '17

“When I grow up I want to be a photographer. My dad is an avid photographer and he always showed me his pictures. They were good but I always thought I would be better! I look forward to the lifestyle, the travel, the ability to work by my rules and of course not having to wake up too early in the mornings!”


Ali Klein.JPG

Ali Klein '17

“I miss playing pranks on people. I used to play pranks at the workplace all the time and can’t do that anymore at business school. I remember this one time I set up a tent in a co-worker’s office. She let it stay for a couple of days and that became my hiding place after my other pranks!”


Joy Ibanga 2.JPG

Joy Ibanga '17

“I fondly remember the wind in my hair as I drove my red and white Corvette around the neighborhood, on a white Christmas morning. I was four then and hadn’t asked my dad for any gift. It was a gift that surpassed my imagination and is now my favorite childhood memory!”

Ritika Bipin Singh is a first year Human at Booth, excited to know and share refreshing stories of the Humans of Booth. If you would like to tell your story, please reach out to her at