Humans of Booth

Farah Mirboboeva ‘17

“I miss the unconditional love I used to get - back home from my family and friends! People were helpful without expecting anything in return and I didn’t need an appointment before showing up at their doorstep. Serving a lot of good food to friends who visit was also commonplace. Oh yes! I miss the food! ”

Raghav Dhawan ‘17

“I am currently struggling between two key options - Do I base all my decisions on being a 30 year old adult or a broke grad student? Oh and there is this other small struggle - I need to find a better way to organize my socks - any suggestions for an affordable sock drawer?”

Prashob Menon ‘17

“Albert Einstein once said that he began to slow down when he was around 40 because creativity slowly dies out. My biggest fear is that this may eventually happen to me. In fact, the advanced micro mid-term has raised some serious concerns, making me wonder if I have already peaked!”

Ritika Bipin Singh is a first year Human at Booth, excited to know about and share refreshing stories of the Humans of Booth. If you would like to tell your story, please reach out to her at