Humans of Booth: Thanksgiving Edition

What are you thankful for, this year?

Andrew Heeter, '17

I am thankful for the amazing community at Booth. All the lessons that I learned about hosting Thanksgiving from my parents, will be put to use as I host a few close friends this year. I am thankful about having a supportive wife to share my experiences with. She helps make the challenges of business school more manageable. Finally, I am thankful for the arrival of my new heavy-duty winter coat!



Belen Bazano Sammartino, '17

I am thankful about having such inspiring classmates and the access to some of the best firms in the world. Coming from a public high school in Argentina, I would have never imagined 10 years ago that I would be here. I am just thankful that I am here today!



Rodrigo Garcia-Rada, '17

I am thankful for my amazing family. They have supported me in every decision that I have taken so far. I am feeling nostalgic because this is the longest duration for which I have stayed away from home. I am looking forward to being home for winter break!



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