Pets of Booth


Admiral Snugglesworth

“So, dude! Like, leave me alone! I got here in what you Boothies (heh! Boothies?!) call the winter quarter of 2015. I like my 3-gallon tank with the lavish wood that is almost four times my own net worth. Then again, my owner is the guy who signed up for the first class Metra.”

Admiral Snugglesworth is an aquatic vertebrate, very excited to be living in the Harper Center, but admittedly, does not enjoy company, except the occasional mirror.



Sometimes, Oliver does not let me sleep in this couch. So, I end up sleeping on top of him. You see, I love the couch and rarely let anyone else sit on it, but not many would notice that I need some change too! That’s why I let him sleep on the couch, so I can snuggle on top of him. A little manipulation and no one gets hurt. So, why not?

Googly lives far far away from her human mommy, and takes comfort in Oliver’s presence by never losing sight of him.


It is important for me that my mom be fit and healthy. So, when she does her yoga, I make sure to sit on her to give her that extra push to do better. Seriously.



Is this TV 3D or something? I totally thought that ball was for me. It is so disappointing when it doesn’t get past that screen and into my reach. Every single time. But you know, you learn to move on. Maybe.



My name is Martin. I live in MPP, like most of you folks. My family is horrible at arranging dishes in the dishwasher. I take it upon me to make sure the spoons face the right way up, and that dishes don’t cover each other. If only my family behaved more like those nice married people in Lakeshore East.

Neru, Padme and Martin are roommates in MPP. They enjoy one another’s company mostly, but struggle with mutual conflicts when it comes to brown boxes. They do make sure, however, that their conflicts, of whatever intensity, remain only mutual and handle life as it goes, one day at a time.