First Day: Heard from Admits and Students

By Pushya Jataprolu'16

By Pushya Jataprolu'16

First Day for Round 1 Admits -- those couple days of packed schedules for admits to dispel any ambiguity before they leap into the embrace of 5807 S. Woodlawn.

Student Life and Resources Fair -- that inevitable Friday afternoon with the roar and bustle of about 60 student groups and a hundred odd admits and partners.

It truly was a fair -- last time. With overlapping programming this past Friday, there were very few admits at the Student Life and Resources Fair, between 1:00 - 3:30PM. The admits appear pumped and got a lot out of their overall experience. But co-chairs of most student groups felt they couldn’t share the same excitement.

The admits surely had a great time with all the programming that helped them get to know their squadmates better and take a closer look at the Booth life, classes and everything in between. Justin Chang said, “I decided to visit for First Day because I wanted to feel the energy of the Booth community and meet the students and other admits. Your next question on feedback for improvements is a tough one -- maybe adding an extra day to extend the fun? It has been super exciting meeting everybody in my squad and the student groups here.”

Student Life and Resources Fair - co-chairs and a few admits.

Student Life and Resources Fair - co-chairs and a few admits.

Megha Agarwal enjoyed her experience very much. She said, “I’ve been to Booth twice before and immediately felt at home here. I believe that is how you’re supposed to feel when it is the right fit for you. Booth has always exceeded my expectations. Everybody is so talented, and warm at the same time. And it was great to speak with students while waiting for interviews and visiting for Booth Live.”

Amy, who felt a pang of nostalgia from her high school editorial days, stopped by the ChiBus booth. She said, “First day was really a confirmation for me. I went to UChicago for undergrad, so I am all the more excited to come back. It was a great couple days offering hands on experience and a chance to sit in on a class, meet a lot of people. Now I feel a lot more confident to make this decision.”

With what seemed like a bunch of twenty admits in total scouring the circles of student group booths in the winter garden, most co-chairs stated, and yours truly concurs, that they had the chance to speak with only about four or five admits on average. Some of the admits also stated that they had no idea the fair was going on. Yoni Sarason is a second-year, co-chair of JBSA. He said, “I think I would simply have appreciated a better understanding of what I was getting myself into. I am still recruiting and have mid-terms coming up. So it would have been a better use of my time if I knew there was going to be no one here. I would at least have been in a study room.” Michael-David Fiszer, another second year and co-chair of JBSA said, “We have nice neighbors, the Hispanic American Business Students Association, so that’s our saving grace in spending almost three hours here.”

First Day co-chair Leland Brewster cited that the Student Life and Resources Fair and the Career Fair were separated by schedule so that admits had enough time to gain exposure to all student groups. But given the expanse of activities planned, the SLRF ran alongside a few sessions on the classroom level. The admits got the same choice and flexibility to prioritize as we do as students every day. For First Day 2, the team plans to make a more concerted effort to expose SLRF as one of the choices. Leland Brewster and Sarah Reinemann, co-chairs of the First Day Committee are happy to continue the conversation with co-chairs who wish to do so.

Pushya is the People Editor with ChiBus, who enjoys the rendezvous with admits and new students at fairs