Campus Happenings

  • The Emerging Markets Summit, Booth’s largest student-run conference, draws crowd of over 200 hundred. Co-sponsored by nine student groups, headline speakers included C-suite executives, entrepreneurs, and economic development leaders from around the globe.


  • E/W students launch new student group “Booth Creative Culture Club” to cater to creative and artistic minds on campus. Its kickoff event on April 26th included live performances and drew several dozen students interested in improv comedy, arts, museums,galleries, theatre, dance, and more.


  • Booth Soccer makes history by taking the 2016 Tuck MBA World Cup. The Class of 2016 graduates having won its third soccer tournament.


  • Booth Follies and Dance Club put up a great show “Follies 2016”, enthralling the audience with drama, humor and dance! The event drew a crowd of over 300 that cheered and laughed the entire evening!


  • Booth decides to move up Consulting recruitment timeline for the incoming class of 2018 to keep in sync with the hiring timeline of all schools at the top consulting firms.