Humans of Booth: New Year New Me

Matt Robinson.JPG

Matthew Robinson (’18)

Hometown: Sydney, Australia

After a litany of failed new years’ resolutions, I have boycotted the notion.  However, my to-do list for after recruiting season includes learning how to make mulled wine, developing a hook shot on the basketball court, increasing my TNDC attendance rate (I have brought shame my Random Walk trip leaders), stopping referring to "flip flops" as “thongs” and securing my dream house husband role (I have got cover letters out there already).

Jenny Spiel (’18)

Hometown: Lake Forest, IL

Well, I'm kind of fond of the Old Me, but I'm open to minor improvements. 2017 will be big for me. I plan to hit snooze only once, travel to several continents, do a pull-up, and watch all of the Godfather films. I say the Godfather one every year, but this year I'll actually do it. I also hope to get to know the Booth community even better. I've gotten to know the people who are in my organic networks (i.e. class, RW, recruiting, cohorts), but I keep meeting fantastic people every day and want to keep it going beyond who I run into on a day-to-day basis. So, if you see me in the Winter Garden, say "Hi" and maybe ask me to do a pull-up. Happy 2017!

Kyle Veatch, Class of 2018

Kyle Veatch, Class of 2018