How the Next GBC Leadership will Make a Difference

Although at the time of this reading the vote for GBC’s next Executive Board has already been tallied, all of the slates had great campaigns and great ideas about how to make the Booth experience the best it can be. Here is what they had to say:

Disha Malik, Class of 2018

Disha Malik, Class of 2018

Disha Malik
Hometown: Lucknow, India
GBC Slate: ABC|GBC Aspire. Build. Connect.
Title on Slate: VP of International Student Affairs

For our slate, it was all about the “F” words.  We heard these issues over and over again, largely because Booth does a lot to inspire connections among students and build a community, but there is always room for improvement.

Funding Access - Find the funds that allow us to stretch beyond our means and do things that excite us

Facilities to Benefit All - have the facilities like corporate headshots or better printing access to help us come across more professional to recruiters and take away pain points from our daily lives

Faculty Connect - How we connect to our award winning faculty

Andrew Godwin, Class of 2018

Andrew Godwin, Class of 2018

Andrew Godwin

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

GBC Slate: ACT for Booth
Title on Slate: President

Our slate focused on three things: Access, Collaboration, and Transparency.

Access - Access to the right resources, contacts, and connections to support and enhance our Booth journey

Collaboration - Facilitating collaboration to embrace our diversity, build on ideas, and cultivate a supportive community

Transparency - Bringing transparency to leadership, initiatives, and decisions at Booth and the broader University of Chicago community  

Dave Mullen, Class of 2018

Dave Mullen, Class of 2018

Dave Mullen

Hometown: Denver, CO

GBC Slate: Simpli-fly

Title on Slate: Executive Vice-President

Our primary aim was to focus on simplifying communication and promoting connection to solidify your efforts and make the Booth experience more efficient for future classes.

Clear Communication - Currently incoming students have to execute on a number of tasks across a few platforms. We want to expand the orientation app to house the incoming student tasks and links to execution in one place. Additionally, we want to streamline the ‘email overload’ problem by working with administration to better coordinate when and how many emails a week we get.

Celebrate Connections – There is a difference between TNDC and Booth Insights. While both events are amazing and have a place at Booth, identification of events as depth vs. breadth and programming around depth based on events is important to us. We want to ensure Boothies leave school knowing a few people very well.

Kyle Veatch, Class of 2018

Kyle Veatch, Class of 2018

Kyle is a first-year MBA student who enjoys getting to know his peers