Passing the baton

As spring quarter approaches, the current leaders of student groups at Booth initiate the transition to new leadership for the next academic year. Every year Boothies assume the mantle of a wide array of student-led groups that cater to several student attributes and interests– ranging from professional and personal affiliation groups to special interest and social groups.   Students often describe their experiences in student group leadership roles as being pivotal to their Booth experience.

As co-chair applications go live, several first years assess their own potential fit in future leadership teams.

To get a sense of this, we asked our current editors at ChiBus what their roles entailed over the last year and what they would look for in candidates interested in their positions.

John Frame, Class of 2017

John Frame, Class of 2017

Section: Lifestyle

Editor: John Frame

Lifestyle is really about exposing the student body to what is beyond the "Booth Bubble." Exploring the habits, attitudes, and tastes via arts and culture that connect the Booth community to the larger city of Chicago. It's about living.

I hope to see the next Lifestyle Editor fully embrace the fullness of what is beyond the Harper Center and the Loop

Patrick Burke, Class of 2017

Patrick Burke, Class of 2017

Section: Humor

Editor: Patrick Burke

Do you have things you want to say, but just haven't had the newspaper to say them in? Do you want to contribute to the bustling, new fake news industry? The humor section is your opportunity to make up facts and figures with impunity. All these opportunities and more await you. Become the humor editor at ChiBus and take reign of the smallest pedestal known to man!

Rikki Singh, Class of 2017

Rikki Singh, Class of 2017

Section: People

Name: Rikki Singh

If you enjoy getting to know people at Booth (peers, professors, staff) then this section is for you! You’ll have the power to make the community stronger by bringing people to the fore.

I hope that the next editor help us know the wider Booth community- my challenge would be for them to help us know the silent 200!