Final Quarter Bucket List

The final quarter is underway for the Class of 2017. For many it feels like just yesterday that they walked into the Winter Garden for the first time. Of course, it is hard sometimes not to think about missed opportunities and the “woulda coulda shoulda”. I talked with a few second years who are planning to minimize those thoughts and cross off some items on their “Final Quarter Bucket List”.

Kasey Stonehill

My number one bucket list item for this last quarter at Booth is to attend one of Prendergast’s famous art tours at the Harper Center. The little discoveries walking around campus are amazing – like the new installation in the empty stairwell by C02 (of all places) that I swore was a janitor or professor hiding to listen to their favorite baseball game. It would be a shame to miss out on learning about one of Chicago’s best and biggest art collections!

Daniel Ochoterena

I have spent a lot of time reflecting on my bucket list.  Here it goes:

  1. Shine my dress shoes to a perfect mirror finish while sipping on Scotch

  2. Explore the campus and take photos on a day when everything does not look dead

  3. Finish re-reading three fiction books about a morally-ambiguous London banker that have been sitting on my desk for months

  4. Go to Lincoln Park Zoo and play hide-and-seek with a polar bear

  5. Have the courage to ask Sue the T-Rex out on a steak date at Morton’s The Steakhouse with Brian Gracia playing the piano in the background

  6. Tackle a 250lbs Kellogg rugger at the upcoming Booth-Kellogg rugby match

  7. Remember the faces of more than ten consultants and seven professors #prosopagnosia #whosbooth

  8. Not needing stitches after any of the remaining TNDCs or socials

  9. Host an epic Risk: Game of Thrones Edition night that destroys three friendships or less

  10. High five the Invisible Hand at Saieh Hall

Steph Mount

To-do lists are near and dear to my heart, so it became time to get action-oriented and cross items off of my extensive bucket list as spring quarter approached. The key to slimming down the list: accountability (i.e., calendar invites). First up was Milwaukee. Friends and I visited the city in March and successfully explored local culture (read: meat, cheese, beverages; largest bloody marys in WI pictured). Other bucket list items include: Russia (completed over spring break!), Harper art tour, attending IOP events/lecture series, Hyde Park brunch, White Sox game, and various neighborhoods and coffee shops throughout the city.

Valentina Fernandez Rodriguez Egaña

Hola! In my last quarter before I get deported, I auditioned to be part of Follies. I got my start dancing to reggaeton in last year’s show with Booth Dance Club, but now I want to be an ESTRELLA! I was super impressed by how talented, funny, and open-minded my classmates were. Follies is a once in a lifetime chance to be anyone you want to be on the big stage at Mandell Hall. The Follies team immediately recognized my talent and cast me as a typical Latina. It’ll be tough, but I’m committed. Method acting is best, so I quickly bought a ticket to the LATAM girls Vegas trip. I feel like I have spent my whole life preparing for this role!