Booth Rugby Competes on the World Stage in Las Vegas

In early March, six of Booth Rugby’s finest flew to Las Vegas to play in one of the largest rugby tournaments in the world, USA Sevens Rugby.  The international rugby tournament is the premier tournament in North America and men’s and women’s teams from 16 countries compete in 80 matches on the way to crowning a World Champion.  Concurrently with this world stage of rugby, the tournament hosts an amateur competition comprised of MBA, social, and semi-pro teams.  Sevens rugby is different than standard rugby in two ways:  1) teams are comprised of seven individuals instead of the normal fifteen, and 2) total play time consists of two seven-minute halves as opposed to the typical eighty-minute game.  Sevens rugby favors the agile, quick, and conditioned, and is the format played at the Olympic level given it is fast-paced, intense, and easy to follow.

The Booth representatives comprised of second year Andrew Ward, first years Alonso Smith, Scott Rupnow, Rob Weir, and Brock Corbett, and undergraduate David Liu.  Given Booth was a man short of seven, the team joined forces with Yale to form two teams for the competition.  

On the first day of competition, Rob Weir scored a hat trick in the first match against Stanford, leading a comeback that overcame a 19-0 deficit.  In the second match, Booth fell short losing 28-14 to the very tough UCLA alumni team, but were led by impressive tries from Brock Corbett and Alonso Smith.   

On the second day of competition, Booth took out the All-Army team with a score of 35-7 with tries from Scott Rupnow, Andrew Ward, David Liu, and Rob Weir.  Unfortunately, Booth was then knocked out of the tournament in the semi-finals of its bracket by the Irish University Business School.  Even as one of the youngest MBA rugby teams in Las Vegas, Booth walked away with a couple victories and and a solid placing.  The team plans to continue to develop and train hard for the upcoming MBA World Cup at Duke in April.  In addition to the MBA World Cup, Booth will compete in several spring matches and, of course, in the bi-annual grudge match against that purple team up north.

Rob Weir (Class of 2018)

Rob Weir (Class of 2018)