New Year, New Me

Author: Kyle Veatch (‘18)

Aman Parikh.png

Aman Parikh ('19)

Hometown: Chantilly, VA

I'll be honest, I usually forget about my New Year's resolutions by mid-January. But not this year - New Year, New Aman!  I'm going to start eating healthier (i.e. stop getting donuts after every TNDC), become a morning person, exercise more often, and learn how to cook more kinds of food.  I'm also making an effort to get out of the Loop and explore more of the city, so let me know if you have any recommendations when you see me around the Winter Garden!


Rebecca Beagan.jpg

Rebecca Beagan ('19)

Hometown: Belleville, MI

Since starting the sedentary lifestyle and long hours of management consulting in 2013, my resolutions were always "eat better, exercise more," but 2017 was different. I actually did it - after the weekly travel stopped, I started cooking for myself, jogging every other day (usually...), and lost some pounds to boot. My 2018 goals (not into New Year resolutions anymore) are focused on the simpler things: flossing and using mouthwash more consistently (because TNDC close quarters is real...), learning how to use my Instant Pot with a fellow Boothie, who also recently acquired an Instant Pot (please join us for some cooking), joining/attending events for wine and epicurean clubs to make even more Booth friends, and getting back into Latin/ballroom dancing! Hope to see/meet you in 2018!

Matt Freund.jpg

Matt Freund (‘18)

Hometown: East Lansing, MI

 When it comes to New Year's resolutions, I’ve historically lived by the words of Canadian Poet Laureate, Aubrey “Drake” Graham, that “you got the resolutions, we just got reservations.” This year, however, I’ve changed course and I’m taking a momentary respite from frosty b’s (colloquially known as “Dry-uary”). This has opened up a strange new world to me: plans made at TNDC that actually come to fruition, turning directly to the “mocktails” page of drink menus, and a (very slight) decrease in “insufficient funds” notifications per week. Like old me, new me still “got reservations,” they’re just for a spot in 6am Yoga Sculpt.  

Emma Boston.jpg

Emma Boston (‘18)

Hometown: St. Petersburg, FL

You may not know that I spent the first formative years of my life in Baton Rouge, the heart of cajun swampland, hundo p True Detective first season type of stuff. I was raised in the art of voodoo ways, but have lost touch over the decades. The new me plans to re-master the use of good voodoo energy to ward off evil spirits from Booth students -- to prevent things like winding up on crutches multiple times and having dead people's body parts put inside you, or getting sent to Aspen jail on ski trip, or being made fun of at Tuck Winter Carnival for our consumption skills. Laissez les bon temps rouler...and be careful not to cross me.