New Voices From the Class of 2020 Join the Graduate Business Council

By David Noel and Carrie Tarkocin

Early Tuesday, October 16, the newly elected first year cohort presidents and representatives for the full-time MBA program gathered in a sunny classroom on the third floor of the Harper Center for breakfast with Dean Stacey Kole. It was an eye-opening experience. We learned that classrooms for PhD students have windows and natural light. We learned that Dean Kole has a strong preference for real coffee mugs over disposable paper cups. We learned the history behind the bowls of green apples on Harper’s classroom level. Most importantly, we discussed our platforms and learned how to go about making an impact at Booth over the next two years.


As 1Y Bond Cohort President and Representative, respectively, Carrie Tarkocin and Sean Madison hope to use the GBC platform to both strengthen relationships between first and second year students and encourage students to make a positive social impact in the vibrant South Side community.


Jackie Quartner, 1Y President for Davis Cohort, wants to help improve and integrate tools and communication channels in order to streamline information for incoming and current students. As a double maroon, Davis Cohort Representative David Rhoads ran on a platform of better connecting Booth to the broader university. Both Quartner and Rhoads are interested supporting programming that facilitates our health and happiness.


1Y Gargoyles Cohort President Kelly Carlquist believes that the LEAD course and accompanying Leadership Orientation Retreat presented special opportunities to cross paths with people we may not have otherwise engaged through Random Walk trips, classes, or our diverse recruiting interests. She hopes to translate the depth in connection and conversation experienced during LEAD into our broader student life. Carlquist will represent Gargoyles Cohort alongside Representative Ashley Allison.


Aditya Srinath, 1Y President, and Nicole Newman, 1Y Representative, are set on building a strong and cohesive cohort that maintains community through fun events and supports groups. This dynamic duo plans to improve technology and operational capabilities within their cohort to improve communication and planning. Newman imagines a Harper Center that has nap pods for students who seek to relax and unwind.


Maroons Cohort will be represented by 1Y President Grace Zimmerly and Representative Arjun Vellayappan. Vellayappan hopes to make our Booth experience inclusive, fun, and awesome for all by strengthening relationships between first years and second years, making the Random Walk selection process more transparent, and maintaining cohort cohesion throughout our two years at Booth.


Michel Habib, 1Y Cohort President for Nobels, ran on the idea that a good president is accessible to his or her cohort (e.g., providing snacks and coffee during finals, hosting pre-games). Habib wants to make it less intimidating for fellow classmates to break into Random Walk friend groups by having more events, such as small group dinners, earlier while friendships are still malleable. Habib will represent Nobels Cohort alongside Representative Karla Magana Figueroa.


When it comes to the student experience at Booth, 1Y Phoenix Cohort President David Noel has faced many issues of navigating Harper Center, and so have many of his classmates. Noel plans to lead initiatives which would make the building more easily navigable and accessible for students. He is also a big proponent of diversity and inclusion and seeks to use signature events such as Diversity Day to bring all of the affinity groups together. Representative Julie Sitver will join Noel in representing Phoenix Cohort.


1Y Rockefeller Cohort President Richa Goyat has some big plans in store for the GBC. Goyat wants to explore potential opportunities for Booth to offer MBA specializations which allow its students to qualify for a STEM degree. She also seeks to improve Random Walk by exploring options to make it more affordable. Clay Nickens’ goal as Rockefeller Representative is to streamline event-related communications from student clubs by reducing stress around event sign-ups.


Annie Pemberton, 1Y Stuart President, has tremendous pride in her cohort. Pemberton’s platform was based on maintaining the strong bond between her cohort mates that would last through first year and beyond. She has plans to host events to facilitate more interactions that would allow Stuarts to get to know each other outside of the LEAD classroom. Representative Mattheus Schetti will represent Stuart Cohort alongside Pemberton.


1Y Walker Cohort President Jenna Donahue is passionate about improving cohort connectivity. Donahue hopes to organize monthly and quarterly events that range from small dinners and movie nights to winery visits in Michigan. Scott Newman, 1Y Representative, plans to improve the random walk experience, build stronger connections between 1Y and 2Ys, and act as a conduit for feedback between the student body and the Office of Academic Services. Both Newman and Donahue want to ensure that their classmates have an effective means to express feedback and bring their ideas to life.

GBC Reps across 2019 and 2020 Flannel Party their way into another year of vision and impact

GBC Reps across 2019 and 2020 Flannel Party their way into another year of vision and impact

Most importantly, we want to represent your voice to make the Class of 2020 the stuff of legends.

Carrie Tarkocin, 1Y Bond Cohort President & David Noel, 1Y Phoenix Cohort President