Pink Slip in Hand, Reflecting on Last Year’s Pink Party

                          Author: Taylor Carson, Class of 2018

                          Author: Taylor Carson, Class of 2018

“Hi Taylor! It’s Erik. Congratulations! You’ve been selected to be OUTreach’s next community co-chair.” I guess it made sense to the prior year’s co-chairs. It certainly didn’t to me. I’m an introvert who would rather sip an old-fashioned at a quiet bar than rage up in da club. Now, I was going to be responsible for planning Pink Party, one of the biggest student-club sponsored events of the year. At Pink Party, Boothies dress in drag and perform in the hope of being crowned Booth’s drag superstar. By a panel of faculty and staff judges, no less!

Planning the party is a lot of work. Aside from being able to assert that I can in fact organize a 500-person event to my LEAD squad, here are a few takeaways from my time planning Pink Party as the co-chair of OUTreach:

Sex sells: I crunched the numbers. Having Professor Thomas Winberry on the judging panel contributed to a 15% increase in ticket sales year-over-year.

No pain, no gain: My legs look really good in high heels. My toes feel excruciatingly bad the next day.

There are unwritten standards for what can be sent to Booth students in promotional listserv e-mails: Unfortunately, shirtless gifs of Ryan Gosling violate these standards.

I couldn’t have done it without the Booth community: There is simply no way OUTreach’s Pink Party would have been successful without the support of the Booth community. I leaned on my fellow co-chairs for help everyday. I relied on fellow Boothies to be supportive, perform, apply make-up, and donate clothing. I depended on OUTreach members to help with the logistics of the evening and encourage everyone to join. I asked faculty and staff members to sacrifice their Saturday night to serve on the judging panel. The entire student body traveled to a gay bar and showed support for their LGBTQ peers. All of these parts came together to create one memorable evening to cap off the most encouraging year. I’m incredibly thankful for the Booth community and I can’t wait to see it come together again at Pink Party 2018. It remains a testament of Booth’s diversity and bold spirit.

Taylor was the former Community Co-Chair of OUTreach and planned last year’s Pink Party