Two babies, a dog and an MBA

                                                      Lital Orlev '19 with her family

                                                     Lital Orlev '19 with her family

I knew that the MBA experience would be a crazy one, but boy was I in for a surprise! Moving a 15-hour-flight away from home with my husband (who’s also a Boothie), an 8-month-old baby and a dog is in itself crazy. In the middle of my first quarter, I was trying just as every other Boothie, to stay on top of everything - the emails, micro on Friday mornings after Thursday night shenanigans and ensuring our son, Jonathan, wasn’t forgotten at daycare! That’s when I discovered that not only was I pregnant again, I was also halfway through!

With limited time to process that I had been creating life inside of me for 19 weeks, I needed to quickly adjust to my new reality. I completed the first quarter and with mixed feelings took a leave of absence. Suddenly I was preparing for a newborn instead of preparing for interviews. The hard thing about having a baby is that your life changes completely - you’re not the number one priority anymore. On one hand, the idea that I needed to pause my MBA and therefore my career was extremely difficult to process. On the other hand, I realized this is what an MBA was about. To be able to adjust to a dynamic and changing reality. The fact is that there is never a good time to have a baby – school, a new job, a promotion, etc. Therefore, I’m happy this pregnancy occurred while I’m surrounded by such a supportive environment at Booth.

There’s a saying in Hebrew – everything happens for a reason and it always happens for the best. As is true for many of us, when I came to Booth I discovered several career paths that excited me. In a way, this unexpected but precious pregnancy provided me a rare opportunity to stop the race for a second and self-reflect – what do I REALLY want to do when I grow up?  

I took this time to realize an old dream of mine – I have a new personal blog where I share my experiences as a mother and as an MBA student. I wanted to remain as involved as I could in the Booth community and therefore, I co-chair the Mothers @ Booth and POLO (Parents of Little Ones) clubs. I have learnt that you can have all the plans in the world, but ultimately, life is about being flexible. The best thing you can do is embrace and enjoy it.

Lital is a mother-of-two, decelerated full-time student, currently sharing her life and stories through her blog TopMBAby.