GBC Leadership for the Class of 2019 - Working to Make the Booth Community Even Stronger

At the end of Fall quarter, the two of us came together to digest our experience thus far at Booth, express our hopes for the future, and talk about what a working relationship would look like if we ran for the Executive Board of GBC. We are really excited to make Booth a better place for all of us and we were lucky to add John Chiulli, Anne Delmar, Sukriti Nayar, and Herbert Zea to our team, working on “one community, our community.”


One of our biggest takeaways from this year is that it FLEW by. Luckily, first years have a lot of knowledge about their experience and we want to find ways to better pass along that information from class to class. You’ll see a few new initiatives coming from GBC over the summer and have already seen changes this term that we hope will create a more cohesive student body.


A few initiatives that we have been working on include a new mentorship program that positions recruiting as just one potential touchpoint between mentors and mentees, more small group dinners next year, transparent communication to incoming students about clubs (including GBC) at the beginning of the year, and rethinking how best to utilize the cohort framework to build opportunities for students to form deeper relationships.



We believe that one important step towards a stronger community is communication. We have been actively reaching out to student group co-chairs, are building more transparency into what GBC is and does, are committed to building out Slack as a one-stop platform that is inclusive and all-encompassing. We had the honor of meeting with the presidents of the other M7 schools at the beginning of this term at the annual Peer Schools Forum and learned that all of our peers have either made the transition to Slack already or are in the process, so we are learning from them as we move forward with this change.


We see our work as going beyond our two years at Booth. Many of the changes we are making are for the benefit of those who come after us and we are so appreciative of your help in accomplishing this goal. If people have ideas for things or events that will make Booth better, they should come talk to us because we want those things to happen. There are a lot of amazing things that we can’t wait to share with you soon.

Elise and Tunde are GBC’s President and Vice-President for 2019 with the vision to achieve one community, our community.