Being a Mother at Booth: Choose Your Own Flavor

This month women across the globe celebrated Mother’s Day. Some families celebrated with serving their mothers breakfast in bed and some by taking them out for brunch and spending quality time with their moms.

I celebrated Mother’s Day on campus doing an all-day financial modeling training for my upcoming summer internship, followed by a family dinner with my son and husband and ended it by having dessert with few of my classmates. As I was walking out of the house that morning to attend the training, my 2.5-year-old pointed out to my husband, “Mumma School”. Over time, setting expectations with my son and spending scheduled quality time with him has allowed me to have a true Booth experience.

At Booth, we have a great community of moms who are working to achieve their goals and experience MBA life. This commitment to the school is governed by a few key factors which allow us to succeed. The most important being a strong family and friends support system - husbands, parents, friends, and classmates play a critical role in that. When I was admitted last year as a part of the class of 2020, my husband nudged me to go on Random Walk, leaving behind my 1.5-year-old son in his care. The Random Walk experience shaped my choices at Booth, and this year I am leading the Random walk to China with my close friends. The school and professors also play a critical role in enabling our success. My career and academic advisors at Booth have allowed me to plan and work towards my goal of preparing for and securing an investment banking summer internship. Recently, when a professor set up a Sunday evening review session, I reached out to him and expressed concern over not being able to attend the session due to lack of childcare that evening. The professor instead asked me to bring my son to class and attend the session. At the same time, my classmates at Booth reached out to babysit while I attended the review session.

Mothers at Booth Brunch with moms from the Classes of 2019 & 2020.

Mothers at Booth Brunch with moms from the Classes of 2019 & 2020.

Being a Mother at Booth can have different flavors and the flexibility offered at Booth allows you to build your custom schedule. While I chose to experience Colombia over spring break with 360 of my other classmates, my fellow mom at Booth went on a family trip to Europe.

The support, the flexibility and the pay it forward culture at Booth makes it a unique place to balance the role of full-time MBA student and mom.