Unsung Heroes: Class Schedule TV #1

By Aakash Degwekar '16

Aakash Degwekar '16

Aakash Degwekar '16

It stands, along with the rest of its clan, as a sentinel, watching over the maze that is the classroom floor at Harper. With unfailing accuracy, it displays where Professor Epley is putting on his performance that morning, or where 65 students are going to relive weekly struggles with wakefulness in the ennui that is Financial Accounting. Never flickering, Class Schedule TV #1 is as old as the walls of Harper it is mounted on (which admittedly are not all that old).

Generations of Booth students have paid homage to the Class Schedule TV #1, which has consistently reminded them what classroom to attend even until Week 9. ChiBus caught up with Class Schedule TV#1 to learn more about this icon in Booth lore.

Chicago Business [CB]: Tell us a bit more about how you came to be at Harper?

Part of the ship, part of the crew

Part of the ship, part of the crew

Class Schedule TV #1 [CSTV#1]: They mounted me right before Harper opened up in 2004. I think the architect realized, after the 35th time he got lost on the classroom floor, that the maze he built was pretty good. Students and professors would not be able to make their way to the classroom by muscle memory alone,  so I was thought of as a key enabler for getting classes to start on time. Plus, I think my presence bumped up (then) GSB’s Infrastructure score in the U.S. News Rankings by enough to help us pip Kellogg for the first time, so you have me to thank for that.

[CB]: What are your goals as you think about ‘serving your customers’?

[CSTV#1]: Much like the Fed, I think of myself as a ‘scheduler of last resort’. When all else fails, I am there to show students where they need to be. My mantra is, ‘Accuracy, Reliability, Clarity’. I aim to keep myself abreast of the latest class schedules so I’m always accurate. Reliability is key- the last time I had an outage was during the Belgian Halloween Party ‘06 that was held on the classroom floor, and I haven’t flickered since. And clarity, well, I’m not much use to my constituents if I’m not sparkling clean, am I?   

[CB] How do you stay relevant in a world of Google Calendar, Siri and Apple Watch?

[CSTV#1]: The more things change, the more they stay the same. Sure, I see your average on-top-of-it-all Boothie walk down those stairs, flick out their phone, check their calendar, and make that perfect right turn into the C06 corridor without giving me a second glance. That hurts - I often question my existence. Then again, on Friday morning, there’s always that hungover student staring up stupidly at me to figure out where they need to be - that warms the cockles of my plasma heart.

[CB] Tell us something about you that we don’t know.
[CSTV#1]: Before Booth, I played the airport monitor in Tom Hank’s The Terminal.