Prof. Steve Levitt on Big Data's Value

Steve Levitt, U Chicago Economics Professor and Freakonomics guru, argues that “everything is data, it’s just a matter of [whether or not] I am clever enough to figure out how to use it”. As we move into an era where data about every action we take will be captured, the combined forces of economics and computer science will allow us to use that knowledge to create impact and change.  

Factors at Play in Choppy Markets

Markets this week continued a downward spiral spurred first by trade war concerns last month and egged on by the Federal Reserve raising rates. These strong market forces have obscured some of the fundamental growth companies may have announced in their earnings leading to an overall mixed market uncertain investing environment. Ahead, we discuss the three major factors at play.

Brazil Wants Bolsonaro, Not the PT

I believe that Bolsonaro's rise has less to do with people connecting to his ideas and more to do with a hatred that many Brazilians developed for PT (the leftist party that kept power in Brazil for 14 years) and a general lack of belief in traditional politicians.

#EleNão (#NotHim)

This was supposed to be an article blindly supporting Haddad (PT) for the second-round election. But I won’t insult your intelligence: there were better options in the first-round, such as Marina, Ciro, and even Amoedo.

A Conversation with Matt Lewis: On Disruption, Instability, and the Politics of the Future

Rising voices at both extremes propose grandiose policies that would radically reshape the perceptions of America, from building a wall to keep out the tired, poor, huddled masses, to nationalizing healthcare in the land of free markets and capitalism. But some are standing athwart these forces, trying to pull the country back together. One of those voices is Matt Lewis.