10 thoughts that crossed my mind while reading “Why Do Booth Men Date Civilians?”

Hannah Goldberg '15

Hannah Goldberg '15

By Hannah Goldberg

This piece refers to the post, "Why Do Booth Men Date Civilians?" published on November 17, 2014.

  1. “Oh this is by Anonymous? Let me grab a coffee ‘cause this gon’ be good!”

  2. “Wait wasn’t Anonymous a little busy this week classifying the KKK as a terrorist group?”

  3. “Ah, ‘a friend’ was wondering why Booth males don’t date Booth females, I’ve noticed that sometimes.”

  4. “So true, bro, the odds are not forever in your favor if you’re a straight Booth male! Maybe Anonymous will write his next piece on trying to increase the number of females in business school!”

  5. “Six Booth males chatting up a Booth woman at TNDC? Seems fairly in line with that 65:35 ratio!”

  6. “OH SNAP! Anonymous is MANSPLAINING!!!”

  7. “I’ve never heard this before! As a Booth woman, it’s my duty to come up with thrilling conversation topics at TNDC so a Booth male will want to date me! EUREKA!”

  8. “John, you DID shine some light on the dating scene for me!”

  9. “I think I heard somewhere that I’m supposed to ‘Challenge Assumptions’. I wonder how much data Anonymous has on this topic? I wonder if there are any omitted variables from Anonymous’s investigation like the people that attend TNDC, the level of inebriation of TNDC’ers, or how it’s so loud at Underground that you keep asking the same question because you can’t hear the answer…”

  10. “It’s 10PM? Crap! I gotta hop in an Uber, brainstorm some conversation topics, and get to Shay tonight!”