A “Full” Part-Time Perspective on Booth


Meredith Baskies, ‘16 Evening MBA
Chhavi Sahni, ‘16 Evening MBA

Ever wonder what it’s like to work 8-5 and then go to class from 6-9? Imagine flying in on Friday night for a 9 am Saturday class or commuting an hour home after class ends at 9 pm. While it can be quite the balancing act, the benefits definitely outweigh the challenges of being a part-time student.

Why Booth part-time? Other than the fact that Mag Mile trumps Hyde Park… Part-time students can not only continue gaining working experience, but can also immediately apply classroom learnings to workplace challenges the next day. Many employers see the value of such applicants and will sponsor an MBA. This coupled with the fact that part-time students work while they are in school, means that part-time students, on average, have less debt by graduation. Such financial incentives are often difficult to walk away from. For some, a core benefit is not relocating to Chicago. Weekend students can rack up frequent flier miles by taking Saturday classes, and they don’t need to uproot their lives (and families) to get their MBA.

But there have got to be drawbacks, right? Yep. The food at Gleacher definitely pales in comparison to what is seemingly gourmet at Harper. In all seriousness, part-time students sacrifice time with friends and family in order to balance work, commute, class, study, group work, case competitions, recruiting, and clubs. Despite all the hard work, on average, it takes part-time students longer to earn an MBA. Industry changes and deep involvement in clubs is less common than in full-time programs where there is more time to devote to extracurriculars.


Compared to full-time students, part-time students are generally more focused on senior positions since most have more work experience when they begin their MBAs. Although part-time students are not eligible to participate in internship recruiting, they are able to network every time they step foot inside Gleacher. Where else can you be surrounded by 350 company representatives in one place at one time with potential openings that fit you?

Even though there are nights when we’re tired at the beginning of class and exhausted by the end of it, the real-time networking and opportunities to apply classroom learning through the part-time program are unparalleled! It may be tough, but the only place “Success” comes before “Work” is in the dictionary!  

Wish we could write more but we’re part-time so we need to get back to our day jobs :)