Interview with Dean George Andrews, Associate Dean for the Evening MBA and the Weekend MBA Programs

By Ryuk Byun ‘15


Can you talk a little about some of the statistics about the E/W program?

Booth holds a unique place in the part time world, in that we have the second largest program in terms of students, we have close to 1600 part-time students and we also have the second highest GMAT average. It is an enviable and difficult position to hold, most other schools must trade off one or the other, size or quality.

What makes Booth such a great PT program, which is consistently ranked very high?

What makes it a great PT program is what makes it a great FT program, in that it’s the same faculty teaching. If you look at most of the programs, they have a higher proportion of visitors or adjuncts who teach PT programs. At Booth, however, the idea is that all students get the same degree and the same quality of education. Secondly, there is the flexibility aspect. Most other PT programs don’t allow you to choose your classes until the very end of the program, but at Booth, you begin taking classes that you want immediately. Also, being in the middle of the country gives us a strategic advantage compared to coastal schools in that about 80% of our weekend students fly to Chicago, giving a broad and diverse group of people.


Do most of the E/W students have the same job after graduating?

When you enter the program, you are exposed to all these things you didn't know existed, or you meet people working jobs you never knew exists. This exposure drives much of the transitions we see in the PT program. It is often not the primary reason they joined. Our data reveals that over half of the students end up making a career shift while in the program. Interestingly, these shifts are not driven through On Campus Recruiting, rather through networking among the students. The Booth network is amazing.


What's the ultimate benefit of Booth, comparing it to other schools?

I like to use the analogy of a bakery.  First, we use the best ingredients - our brand allows us to matriculate the best and brightest students. Some other institutions are very regional. They are great programs, but a problem many of these schools have is that they are beholden to major local corporations and a great proportion of their student body come from them. As a student in one of these programs, you don't get exposure to the variety of people coming from different industries, but at Booth, we have over 350 companies represented in the E/W program. In addition to great ingredients, we have excellent chefs. We have amazing top-notch faculty that are top of their industries, research and teaching. Finally, there is the manufacturing process. There is no other program in the country that has the level of flexibility that Booth does. You get to choose the classes that result in the best education for you. You are the CEO of your education.