Along the Yellow Brick Road

By Oma Nwabudike '17

Oma Nwabudike '17

Oma Nwabudike '17

Midterms are over which means I’m done with the first half of my first term at Booth. Six weeks of classes done and I’m still less certain of my career path than I was when I submitted my application to Booth. On the flip side, I’m more confident than I was on the first week of classes.

Before I came to Booth, I was under the impression that I was stepping into a wonderful world of opportunity where I could be everything or anything I wanted. After a few weeks here, I’ve realized that I can be anything as long as I make a choice early enough and the company recruits internationals. Like any other double-edged sword, it has both a positive and a negative impact. On the positive side, I was able to cut my list of potential employers by half-ish which meant less time researching and networking. On the negative side,  I was able to cut my list of potential employers by half-ish which reduces my opportunities and increases the odds against me. I have chosen to believe Career Services when they say that everybody gets an internship because the other option would involve tearing my hair out and I like my hair where it is.

Classes still feel very different from homework and after writing midterms for three classes, I can say that midterms and classwork are not in same league. I’ve never had an exam where being uncertain was an option much less a possible answer. If the GMAT was anything like my Microeconomics midterm, there would be no meaningful average score, we’d all have a scatter plot of scores with near zero correlation (all puns intended). At least I remember what the exam looked like which is more than I can say for my Statistics exam - I’d like to meet the person who called that class ‘baby stats’. There’s nothing ‘baby’ about any of the introductory classes!

After the first half of the quarter, I’ve decided to think of my two years at Booth as a marathon rather than a sprint. Two years feels like a really short time when I have to do everything now or never at all. But I don’t want to focus on all of the really important short term goals and miss out on the bigger MBA goal that encompasses the whole of my MBA experience. I still don’t know what I’m doing half the time which is extremely frustrating for me but I'm a lot more settled into business school and much closer to where I want to be in my recruiting. Rumor has it that I'm moving along the yellow brick road as expected.

Oma is navigating the yellow brick road of a Booth MBA without a map or a pair of silver shoes.