A Tale of Two Spring Breaks

By Israel Rojas-Moreno '16

Israel Rojas-Moreno '16

Israel Rojas-Moreno '16

It was a time for friends, it was a time for family, it was a week for debauchery, it was a week for unselfishness, it was a season of lavishness, it was a season of humility, it was an age of discovering new lands, it was an age of rediscovering familiar stomping grounds, it was about making new friends, it was about reconnecting with old faces – in short, the MBA spring break was so far from reality, that some of its noisiest detractors insisted on its being described in this superlative degree of comparison only.

Just one of the many "flags" planted by Boothies. 

Just one of the many "flags" planted by Boothies. 

After a long 15 hours, the shuttle finally touched down on the Moon. Thankfully, the flight came with unlimited Fireball shots. After the first few hours, everything else was a blur. Some people spent half the flight taking selfies with Earth as the backdrop for their Facebook feeds. Others decided zero gravity would make for much better Instagram updates. Meanwhile, a handful of people disappeared altogether after having been heard discussing the 100,000-mile club. Nobody thought the trip would actually happen, but after TNDC pitched it as the ultimate spring break, nobody wanted to do anything else.

After a brief 2-hour drive, we pulled into nana’s cabin in Lake Geneva. Traffic was fairly light. Everyone got to enjoy some favorite songs. Half the ride was just peace and quiet. The in-laws were meeting us and had already taken care of the grocery shopping and getting the cabin ready. They’d even done a bunch of activity planning: bike rides, canoeing in the lake, BBQ-ing at the park. All we had to do was show up.

The all-inclusive lunar resort was out of reach for many, but that’s what loans and signing bonuses were for. In any case, the general lack of oxygen and high altitude meant everyone was perpetually intoxicated, so when you factored in all the alcohol savings, the trip practically paid for itself. Some of the trip highlights included the Moon mud baths and sunbathing at the spa, though actual sunbathing was strictly limited to a few minutes, what with the lack of atmosphere and all. Another fan favorite was the space dune-buggy course – it was so far from the resort that being drunk didn’t matter. Sandwiched in between all these activities: lots of flag planting and tons of delicious molecular gastronomic space food.

Source: MovieFone.net  The family gearing up for a day trip to the Aquarium.

Source: MovieFone.net

The family gearing up for a day trip to the Aquarium.

The in-laws covered most of the expenses, which was a great way to stretch the loans until we could score some signing bonuses. They even funded some wine and cocktails to help make sure we could relax. After the frenzy of business school, it was nice to settle into a lazy routine of eating and sleeping. Sandwiched in between: some March Madness, Settlers of Catan, and tons of delicious home-cooked meals.

The author is headed to Nepal this fall and is still seeking the balance between ridiculous MBA trips and tamer family trips.