My Fashion Statement - Gangnam Style

By Aditi Sodhi '16

Aditi Sodhi '16

Aditi Sodhi '16

CWiB hosted an event at Bloomingdales recently for Booth fashionistas like me. In addition to watching our gorgeous first and second years rock the runway, the evening transported me back to a simpler time, that of playing dress up as a child. Alone in my room, I would pretend bedsheets were ball gowns, lampshades were hats and my mom’s heels were the glass slipper.

While I can still balance a lampshade on my head better than any woman I know (I am happy to give you a demonstration) for now, I want you to imagine (like I did that evening) what would happen if in some bizarre, freaky Friday scenario I took over the world of fashion:

  1. Multi-colored suspenders would rule the Paris fashion scene.
  2. Monocles would be back. They’d be here, they’d be queer and everyone would just have to deal with it.
  3. All men would wear fluffy, satiny, white cravats instead of dreary ties and try as hard as they can to emulate Mr. Darcy in every way – backhanded compliments, icy stares, awkward proposals and all.
  4. Any man in a beret would be shot on sight.
  5. Any woman in thigh high boots would meet the same fate.
  6. So much more of fashion would be edible. Chocolate is a very under-explored accessory.
  7. All clothing would have the sly, in-built Velcro that the male-stripping industry is built on. Think about the benefits - out of business formal and into TNDC-appropriate attire in 10 seconds flat. Also, helpful in post-TNDC activities (You know what I am talking about)
  8. Skirts which twirl into big flat umbrellas around you would replace the Little Black Dress as the must-have for every woman. They will help kill time while waiting to be interviewed and to get a recruiter’s attention in a crop circle. Also a potential cohort cup Olympic sport.
  9. Heels would not hurt, period. NASA scientists will be re-assigned from exploration of other planets to figuring out a way all women, here on Earth, can have shoes which feel like they’re walking on bunnies.
  10. Any Chihuahua found in a handbag will be immediately replaced with a Great Dane.

I know that what I don’t know about haute couture could fill stadiums. I have voluntarily worn white after Labor Day, socks with sandals, culottes and bright red flannel shirts. What I do know is what fashion should be (as aptly demonstrated by Boothies at Bloomingdales) - imaginative, original, uniquely yours and oceans of fun. So, excuse me while I go stick a peacock feather in my hair and wait for Paris to catch up.

Aditi can be found in the locker room modeling outfits in front of the full-length mirrors.