All Calms Down

Oh when it all, it all calms down

This jam inspired by The College Dropout, Mr. Kanye West’s debut (and critically acclaimed) album.

This jam inspired by The College Dropout, Mr. Kanye West’s debut (and critically acclaimed) album.

I'm telling you oh, it will all calm down


Man I promise, he's so self-aware

But he has no idea why he doesn’t care

That industry he picked makes tons of money

So he won't drop out, his friends will look at him funny

Now, tell me that ain't insecurrre

The concept of b-school seems so securrre

1st year 10 weeks and already picked a careerrr

He like screw it, I'll just stay down herre, case and preparrre

Cause that's enough money to pay back a pair of school yearrs

Cause mentally he don’t really care

Full class load plus the peer pressure

Had a nervous breakdown, he named his backpack McBainCG

Fear in his eye so easy to see

And he forgot about counseling at school that’s free

He be dealing with some issues that you can't believe

So he’ll drink with the whole class at next TNDC


Weird Izzy, Class of 2016

Weird Izzy, Class of 2016

Man I promise, I'm so self conscious

That's why you always see me with a hat above both of my watchers

Jordan and Turkey done drove me crazy

I can’t even pronounce nothing, pass me that Meze!

Then I spent 9000 points on this

Just to be like homie you ain’t up on this!

And I can't even go to the winter garden

Without seeing one y’s in suits and ties

It seems we living the b-school life

Never gotta worry about the underprivileged strife

Friendliest people do some ignorant things

On their road to riches and diamond rings

Let’s shine because we united, floss cause we ain’t divided

Let’s not pretend we all got 40 acres

But for that career, look how much we ignore

Even if you degreed, you still dunno what u work for

I say screw interviews, that’s how I treat em

A chance to do anything, yet we ain’t got freedom

We'll bid for interviews when we don't really need em

Jobs we chase to cover up what's inside

Cause they make us doubt ourself and love they wealth

That’s why shortys hollering “which firm u at?”

Consultant says MECE, quanthead finds WACC

And the inequality sustained off all of that

But I ain't even gon act holier than thou

Cause screw it, I signed my bonus for 35 thou

So I can buy a house and I'd do it again

Cause I wanna be on c-suite collecting them checks

Wish I could be ballerific like it's all terrific

Failed some round 1’s last year, I won’t get specific

I had a bunch of problems and didn’t wanna see it

We all self conscious we just won’t admit it

Oh when it all, it all falls down

I'm telling you oh, it all falls down

This parodist is attempting to be entertaining and informational. This is a stressful time, but it doesn’t need to be. Prestige doesn’t dictate success. You do. Most importantly, support resources are available. Don’t be a stranger.