Deconstructing a Love Story

By Aditi Sodhi, Class of 2016

Taking Valentines Day way to serious. Image Courtesy: Wikia

Taking Valentines Day way to serious. Image Courtesy: Wikia

Let’s start with Romeo and Juliet,
the petulant children of Montague and Capulet.
He was a player, she was a prude.
He died and she followed suit.
What they taught us of love is not hard to follow --
make sure she’s really dead before poison you swallow.

They were young and fair, or so it is told
in the romantic legend of Tristan and Isolde.
They ingested a potion and swore love eternal
which transcended all others – marital and fraternal.
The inference to be drawn from all of their stuff
is that betrayal and adultery are just incarnations of love.

And let’s not forget Helen and Paris,
though it may be hard to see, as far as
attractions go, how Helen could have picked

Aditi Sodhi, Class of 2016

Aditi Sodhi, Class of 2016

the son of Priam, that gutless Trojan twit.
But who cares if they caused two great dynasties to eclipse
when she had a face that could launch a thousand ships.

I know these stories are meant to celebrate

the splendor of romance, they’re love incarnate.
But to me, they sound like cautionary tales
of a condition in which mainly madness prevails.

What’s wrong with holding a grudge like good old Dad
or refraining from downing every potion to be had?
With not killing millions over a kiss and a glance,
and calling that trip to Troy just a holiday romance?

These may seem like the rantings of a heartless old wench,
But if you think about it, they’re just good common sense.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Aditi is waiting for summer when she can thaw out her cold, dead heart.