A Vision for ChiBus, from the New Editorial Board

The Chicago Business newspaper (ChiBus) is an institution with a long history. For decades, the paper has covered what matters to the Booth community - be it national or international news, intellectual debates, spring breaks and random walks, or events happening around campus. The goal has been to inform, provoke, and support students to encourage a well-rounded and public-spirited conversation. With that in mind, it is a great pleasure to introduce the incoming editorial board for ChiBus:

•    News: Maria del Toro
•    Opinion: Sonal Somaiya
•    Evening/Weekend: Enxhi Zekthi
•    Lifestyle: Avani Venkateswaran
•    People: Nikhita Giridhar
•    Humor: Sid Sastri
•    Marketing & Communications: Amrita Dixit
•    Editor-in-Chief: Andrew Hyman

As an editorial board, we want to ensure that ChiBus is valuable and relevant to all members of the Booth community, fitting in seamlessly with the intellectual values of the University of Chicago and the aspirations of the Booth student body. Our goal is not merely to report the news, but to unearth and analyze perspectives that may not otherwise be heard. It is all too easy to stay in our comfort zones and ignore the world around us - in particular the things we disagree with. 

One of the biggest focal points for the board is to connect Booth to the phenomenal and diverse offerings available on campus. This means improving interactions between the full-time and part-time programs to share and reflect on the experiences of both groups. This means expanding awareness of offerings around the entirety of UChicago: seminars, meditation groups, panel debates, and the Institute of Politics as just a few that come to mind. This means challenging perspectives and conventional wisdom, sparking conversation and encouraging debate around efficient markets, behavioral economics, and other causes relevant to the Booth student body. We want to promote underrepresented voices and encourage understanding, even if we ultimately agree to disagree.

The resounding theme for this editorial board is balance. Balance Booth with the University of Chicago (and our city more broadly). Balance data with humanity. Balance seriousness with lightheartedness. And most importantly, balance ambition with humility. We cannot cover every event on campus, much less every happening in the broader world. But we hope to dig in and focus on what matters, and in doing so, help create a better Booth for the rest of our time here and for future classes to come. 

And in the spirit of humility, we also recognize that we cannot do this alone. We need your engagement, as the Booth community, to let us know what you care about, what you find interesting and entertaining, and what you want from us. Collaboration will help make ChiBus better, and hopefully improve the Booth experience as well. So, we encourage you to read, critique, and contribute. We want to serve you and support what you are involved in, and hope that you will return the favor. Thank you for reading, and we look forward to continuing this conversation over the coming year.