Making "Group Work" Work for You

The 2018 year-end survey noted that the Class of 2019 is highly interested in developing leadership skills: 60% say it’s essential… Communicating persuasively was one of the most common factors that students said they sought to do. However, once we kickoff our MBA at Booth, we forget that there are instances in our daily hustle-and-bustle that we could use to push ourselves to be better leaders.

Death of the Small Business

A drive through an America suburbs calls to attention many of the aspects of daily life and business that have changed in the past 20 years with the advent of new technologies. One change that is especially salient is the downfall of the quintessential small business.

The Challenges With International Development

The biggest issue in international development is not a lack of interest, funding or desire to drive growth and improvement, but a lack of coordination across key actors – governments, firms and nonprofits – to align incentives and drive real, maintainable change. Until we start to achieve that better, development will continue to happen in fits and starts as it has in the past.  

Populism in the 21st Century: A Conversation Between David Leonhardt and Luigi Zingales

It’s a phenomenon we hear a lot about today, but is hard to define: populism. Depending on your perspective, it’s a word that could bring to mind union leaders or socialists to fascists and anywhere in between, and in its most radical forms is associated with some of the worst atrocities in modern history. But what exactly is populism, and is it inherently bad?

Is Making Your Home Smart Actually Dumb? A Case Against Alexa

But I’m not all that worried about the technology of the future; what worries me is the technology of the present. For a few years now, one of the biggest trends at CES has been smart-home technology. This means taking all of your appliances - from doorbells to mattresses and everything in between - and connecting them to the internet and your smartphone.

Education Reform: A Path to Bipartisan Agreement in Divided, Contentious Times

Globalization has broadened the market, meaning that Americans now compete with workers from around the world. Yet our educational system has failed to keep pace. In the middle of the pack or worse on international test scores, the US ranked 30th in math and 19th in science out of 35 countries total within the OECD, an organization of mostly rich nations.

Prof. Steve Levitt on Big Data's Value

Steve Levitt, U Chicago Economics Professor and Freakonomics guru, argues that “everything is data, it’s just a matter of [whether or not] I am clever enough to figure out how to use it”. As we move into an era where data about every action we take will be captured, the combined forces of economics and computer science will allow us to use that knowledge to create impact and change.