What I Take With Me

Mars GPS, Class of 2017

What will you miss? I have been getting this question a lot lately, and it makes me feel very “Happy Sad”. Happy because I get the opportunity to reflect on what I’ve enjoyed the most, and sad because it’s about to end. I probably won’t miss the winter, but I’ll definitely miss the Winter Garden. I’ll miss taking the Metra in the mornings and finding a lot of familiar faces, I’ll miss the OK sushi from Kovler, and using my student ID to print or to enter the locker room. I’ll miss case preps and mock interviews, I’ll probably even miss crop circles. I’ll miss sharing Ubers with friends and using Venmo as a verb. I’ll miss having the option to explore the amazing UChicago campus any given day. To be honest, I’m afraid I’ll forget how these two amazing years felt, the same way I think I already forgot how it felt when I received “The Call” from Admissions. I’ll miss being an Admissions Fellow, and I’ll miss my beloved OUTreach. I’ll miss being around people with amazing backgrounds and promising futures willing to spend their time playing board games or beach soccer, talking to prospective students, or offering coffee chats for 1Ys. Definitely, what I’ll miss the most, even if it’s the greatest cliché, is the people. The small group of very close friends whom I intend to harass with my friendship forever, but also the not so small group of people who I’ve met briefly, and friends of friends. Mainly because I know it will be harder to keep in touch with them.


So rising second years, ask yourselves this question now - what will you miss? Take this opportunity and direct your efforts accordingly towards doing more of what you’ll miss the most next year. Pursue deeper relationships, find new passions, do only what you will remember fondly, and don’t be afraid to say no. Listen more. We all have a lot to say, and not saying anything is harder than finding the perfect words, but sometimes we just need to listen more. Also ask yourselves what is your definition of success, and measure yours towards your own definition, and don’t forget to factor in overall happiness. Smile and be that happy person you would like to find sitting next to you! Hug people more, we never know when they (or you) might need it. Finally, as Cavafy said in Ithaka (recommended poem), ‘life is more about the journey than about the destination’. It’s more about every single moment at Booth than about a diploma, enjoy it!

Mars GPS is a Mexican 2Y, she was one of OUTreach's co-chairs, and an Admissions Fellow during her second year at Booth. She loves animals, music, and food.